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We offer you a hardy welcome to our site and pray that life treats you with kindness.

This winter has been especially difficult with all the unwanted viruses that try to sneak into our existence.

As you know, keeping our immune system healthy is always good, and especially now.

CBD's have long been a part of the human story and not some new-age fad. It was only after it became a common right that it was no longer a possession to the wealthy and those practicing in secret.

Now that CBD's are prevalent in our society, it is not about access to this product, but quality, as many hands are now in this industry. 

You can be sure and certain when you purchase from David Geiger, as each batch is hand made.

During the month of March, we are offering CBD purchase with FREE shipping.

May you and your family members remain in Peace and Joy.

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Here you will find the Highest Quality and Rare Crystals, Plus, Organic grown & produced CBD products.

​We maintain the best prices, highest quality, and integrity of product.

​Thank you for visiting our site and check back often for new activity....Blessings~

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Sentient Plasma Crystals

Crystal CBD's - A Crystal in Every Bottle

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David Geiger resides as the top 5th Wholesale Gem and Mineral Distributor Worldwide... participating in Gem and Mineral Shows within the US and Japan. Being in business for over 24 years has given David the edge on finding and recognizing which crystals are of high vibration and choosing only these to offer his clientele.


Along with David's list of unusual and high-quality crystals, David has produced a superior quality CBD Hemp product that he enhances with his crystals in combination to create a symbiotic relationship between the mineral and plant kingdom. Speaking of Plant Kingdom, David was the first to develop Gem Elixirs for Melody.


Collaborating closely with the likes of Pelham-Grayson, Heaven and Earth, and others have kept David abreast as to how he can further enhance the mineral world through his direct participation and knowledge. Along with all this, each year, David attends the Sundance Native American Festival, where he renews his spiritual self.


David is known as a Shamanic Practitioner and offers crystal and spiritual workshops, along with web-interviews, where appropriate. David is also an experienced sweat-lodge leader and has given several seminars regarding the initiation of men's groups. His message carries Love, and with this, hopes that you will adopt his crystals and give them a good home. ~ Mitakuye Oyasin





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