Russian Phenacite®:  (Phenacite)Considered the Master Stone and is the highest vibrational frequency stone. It immediately raises the vibration of the physical body, opens the crown chakra, and allows for the access of all information. Master neurological stone. Used for energetic awakenings. Country/Location of Origin: Russia



Burmese Phenacite powerfully stimulates the third eye chakra, causing pulsations and inner imagery almost immediately.  Longer meditation with one of these stones at the third eye can initiate visions of colors and sacred geometric forms that can be doorways for inter-dimensional travel.  Because of their form, clarity, and perfect terminations, this Phenacite can direct fine streams of energy to any chakra or meridian point, stimulating them to their highest harmonic levels and integrating the physical and Light Body components with one another.  Country of Origin: Burma

Brazilian Phenacite:  Produces a pathway for travel within the dimensions, the travel being on a high awareness level, and the experiences being quite spiritual.






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