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                                                WELCOME TO DAVID GEIGER MINERALS 



     David Geiger resides as one of the top 3 Wholesale Gem and Mineral Distributors Worldwide... participating in Gem and Mineral Shows within the US and Japan.  In business for over 30 years has given David the edge on finding and recognizing which crystals are rare and of highest vibration, and choosing only those to offer his clientele.


    Along with David's list of unusual and high-quality crystals, David has produced a superior quality CBD Hemp product  that enhanced with crystals creates a symbiotic relationship between the mineral and plant kingdom, with amazing results.


                  We maintain the best prices, highest quality, and integrity of our products.

          Customer Pricing: 

   Domestic orders:            $50 minimum

   International orders:      $200 minimum

            Shipping Cost Not Included

chakra stones.jpg
Amy A.jpg
Angel 14.jpg
A2 needles.jpg
Malachite 1.jpg
amethyst bracelet.jpg
rose 1.jpg

Rose Quartz Hearts

Amethyst 10x8 oval #7.jpg
Sent 12.jpg
Druzy 10.jpg
cry lite.JPG

"In a crystal, we have the clear evidence of the existence of a formative life principle, and though we cannot understand the life of a crystal, it is none the less a living being." -Nikola Tesla

We have been a repeat customer of yours now for several years after visiting your store in Sedona a few years ago. These purchases have been for personal use for my wife who has had multiple spine surgeries.

 I am also a neurologist and have found many uses for CBD, especially pain, MS. seizures, nerve pain, and anxiety. Your CBD product is outstanding and has worked for so many of my patients whom I had referred to your website, where other brands have been futile. S.R. MD DAPN-N (neurology)



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