A Message from the Colorado Secretary of State: This is notification that the following document has been filed for: SENTIENT PLASMA CRYSTALS... Statement of Trade Name of an Individual.




Sentient PLASMA Crystals™ are somewhat of a mystery.  It is claimed that they are 12th Dimensional in energy and SiO2 test rate at 97% pure crystal, according to Lab Tests.  They are the highest rated pure crystal known to man...the Arkansas Crystal rates at 76% pure crystal.

The reason for the "mystery" is because... according to those that have purchased one of these ...once purchased as a personal piece...the crystal DOES become a personal piece, and works with the owner exclusively. All crystals and minerals are "sentient" but perhaps these in particular wanted to be named "sentient" to cause the word to open up your mind to who they are.  The intelligence of the crystal opens up the individual to higher learning...according to the individual's needs, and is apparent immediately to the owner. We have more to learn from this amazing crystal and I suspect it has much more to teach us.

This is one of those crystals you will never let go of.




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