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Mochi Balls (or Shaman Stones) have been used for centuries by the shamanic tribes of the continents. These Mochi Balls are from the southern Utah area...they can be used to align energy centers, relieve energy blockages, stimulate CHI, ground and center, and to provide protection...they assist with the healing of the Earth...and brings the synthesis of male/female...etc. Mochi Balls are sold in pairs.

Shaman Stone also called Shamanic Star Stones, Mochi Marbles, Moqui Balls, Thunderballs,are stones of harmony and balance. They are excellent tools for vibrational healing.


Shaman Stones are helpful in overcoming the fear of death and the fear of pain, freeing one to pursue one's path without limitation. They are stones of the ascetic, helping one learn to overcome physical discomfort in the search for spiritual enlightenment. Helps in meditation.  Helps unblock psychic visions.  Relieves physical discomfort.


Excellent tools in Shamanic journeys.

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