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Angel Phantom Quartz

ANGEL QUARTZ / Amphibole

                                                       Red Phantom Quartz

Amphibole Quartz connects to the highest level of ones spiritual experience, calling in guardian angels and higher beings, bringing deep inner joy. It has an extremely gentle and calming energy. Placing Angel Phantom Quartz on the crown chakra activates all the higher crown chakras, opening  awareness to connect with your higher self and moving further up the vibrational scale, to attain the highest guidance. When placed on the third eye chakra,

Angel Phantom Quartz attunes to the wisdom of the universal mind, allowing a more deeper perspective on life and on evolution.

Amphibole Angel Quartz is a wonderful crystal for those who are beginning to work with the Angelic Realms. Amphibole is a crystal which contains the properties of four minerals. Kaolinite which is the white to yellow tone and activates spiritual evolvement, whilst aiding detoxification. Hematite which is the red tones can help provide protection by deflection. It aids concentration, memory, self-control, practicality, original thinking, helps study, bookkeeping and all types of detail work. Limonite which is the brown/yellow tones provides us with strength, grounding, and vitality. These minerals are captured in Quartz which amplifies all these healing powers, and transmits this wonderful energy.

Melody writes "this crystal will be made available to those who are ready for complex powers".


Location of Origin: Bahia Brazil



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