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Crystal Amethyst
Fluorite Wands

The vibrational rate of the 2012 Crystal energetically contains our completed future Self. Our completed futures Selves have downloaded themselves and the 2012 shift energetically into the 2012 Crystals. In this crystalline vehicle, they return to our present- which is their past- to rescue our present self. They gently assist us as this present era comes to completion. ~David Geiger

Amethyst is used most often as a healing / relaxing stone, offering soothing rest to the one using it, sender and receiver. The lavender colors in these wands are so deep and yet they offer such a variety of shades. Great for therapists of all kinds.


Fluorite offers the ability to increase psychic development and enhances meditation. These multi-colored Fluorite Wands cover a wide range of levels of development within one’s Aura: Purple offers psychic awareness, dream work, and third eye development. Green is for healing and eliminates negativity. Blue promotes communication and calm energy. Clear stimulates the crown chakra and opens the pathway to universal energy. Yellow enhances creativity.



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