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2 inches in length approx.



Amphibole Quartz, also known as Angel Quartz Crystal, is said to positively impact our spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical being and promote chakra healing. The greatest benefit brought by amphibole quartz is the feeling of peace and inner joy that you can experience when you meditate with this crystal.


​Angel Phantom Quartz attunes to the wisdom of the universal mind, allowing a more deeper perspective on life and on evolution.​Amphibole 


Angel Quartz is a crystal which contains the properties of the minerals -Kaolinite which is the white to yellow tone and activates spiritual evolvement, whilst aiding detoxification. Hematite which is the red tones can help provide protection by deflection. It aids concentration, memory, self-control, practicality, original thinking, and all types of detail work. Limonite which is the brown/yellow tones provides us with strength, grounding, and vitality. 


​Location of Origin: Bahia, Brazil

Angel Quartz #16 | 2inch length

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