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A Message from the Colorado Secretary of State:

This is notification that the following document has been filed for:  CRYSTAL CBDS- A Crystal In Every Bottle ...Statement of Trade Name of an Individual.

Welcome Distributors / Ambassadors of Freedom !!!!

You are here on this page because you believe in the Freedom of choice..the choice in how you take care of yourself...your friends and loved ones.  You believe in the miraculous benefits of Hemp CBD's, and you want to do good...this makes you an Ambassador of Freedom as you join with so many others in this great movement.  Thank you for taking advantage of this offer as you also get the benefit of additional monies...we are grateful to share with you.  Blessings to you, our friends.




Terms of Distributorship with Crystal CBD Concentrate

  • The first rule is to “have fun”!

  • "Distributorship" means buying in bulk.

  • "Buying" means one time or a hundred times…whenever you run out and need more…no time limit…no monthly requirements…no contract.

  • Add your own label if you choose. We offer the option to purchase products already bottled and sealed without a label.

  • Create your own market, and sell at your own price…the sky is the limit.

  • How do we offer a high-quality product at below-market prices…our business is a 2 person operation…from seed to bottle, we do it all, and we keep the cost down this way…we desire that everyone gets this amazing product…and you get to make money as well.

  • Let’s keep this simple and easy. Once you purchase this product, you have the freedom to do as you wish…whether you purchase for yourself or to distribute…it’s your choice, and we do not keep track of what you do.

  • Let’s get this gift of a natural product out there…for yourself and humanity.

  • Current prices are “introductory”.(the prices have not changed in the past 7 years) Check the web, and you will find prices outlandish. Our prices will increase, somewhat, from our current amount listed on this website. But you will always get a great deal, and an even better product, as Crystal CBD Concentrate™ is organic and guaranteed to contain what the label says, unlike what many competitors claim.

  • Our CBD product is not the normal CBD product you find online. We custom blend all our products in a unique specialized manner that makes them one of a kind. Along with Reiki Infusion and Crystal in every bottle, this product is actually a Gem Elixir.

Hello there! Rather see a different combination?  Just write us or call:   510-295-7156

Gly = Kosher vegetable Glycerine or G

CoCo = Organic MCT Oil or C

Olive Oil = Olv

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 FROM ONE OF OUR CONSUMERS AND A CLIENT OF ONE OF OUR DISTRIBUTORS: "I've been thinking quite a bit on what to say as far as a testimonial for the oil you sell.  I've been in chronic pain since my mid 20's. I have arthritis in my knees, back pain, hip and ankle pain. It's been excruciating and my overall health and wellbeing has suffered. Because of the pain and sometimes flat inability to move I ended up gaining more and more weight, which of course caused more strain on my painful joints, and as I'm sure you can imagine only made my situation worse.

I have been to numerous doctors over the years and the responses I've received varied from, I'd have to wait because I was too young for knee replacement, I should just lose weight (while they prescribe diet pills), or the most popular was just here are some pain pills.

When I asked my current primary care doctor about the damage the 5000+ mgs of ibuprofen was doing to my body, she said, well, if you're in pain, take it. There were more days than not that it did little to take the edge off. I felt as if I was trapped in my own body, and there was nothing I could do about it.

Rosemary, within 2 days of taking the CBD (first 3x daily), I was actually able to stand up in the morning. I didn't have to fight and struggle to get out of bed, I just STOOD UP! I am honestly grateful that most of the people in my life cannot comprehend that level of chronic pain or lack of mobility. I don't wish it on anyone.

That morning, I cried. I was shocked, amazed, and filled with such hope and gratitude! I feel better than I have in years! I've adjusted my dosage to 1 - 2 times daily and I feel just marvelous! I don't know for sure if just the freedom of mobility has lifted my spirits so but I've noticed my depression has been much better since I've been taking it as well.

Do with this information as you wish, but know, above all, I am so grateful that you shared this and plan to continue as long as you have it available! I don't ever want to have to go back to swallowing tons of pills that were just eating me alive.

Thank you so much!"

Our plants have been grown with Love and Compassion and all organic ingredients.




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