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Hedenbergite™ Quartz Crystal

Hedenbergite Quartz Crystal with Amethyst is extremely rare and has powerful healing spiritual medicine.  Hedenbergite occurs within the Quartz Crystal in a dark green, sage green, olive green, or sometimes nearly black.  


This mineral is said to be one of transition and transformation, assisting in the progression from one state to another.  Within the three-dimensional pyramids of this Hedenbergite Crystal are points of light that are fully formed record keepers and are generators, acting like communication centers, with each piece carrying thousands of glyphs.

As a healing ally, Hedenbergite releases from the heart chakra energetic debris and trauma, which has previously been unable to be released. It spirals like a double helix of DNA patterns and draws to the surface all that is holding back the heart from connecting, loving, and sharing itself, as it works with the mind of the heart’s specifics. Hedenbergite is very protective by nature and, like Actinolite, provides the user with “psychic body armor” and creates an assemblage point of newly found safety so that the emotional healing of the heart begins.


Origin: Inner Mongolia

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