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Sulfur Quartz

Sulfur Quartz is a common mineral that crystallizes in the form of masses, tiny prismatic crystals, large pointed generators, scepters, and double terminated quartz configurations. Historically it’s been referred to as “Brimstone”, due to the smell of rotting eggs when struck together. 


Sulfur is one of the elements of life. This Metaphysical mineral is naturally negatively charged allowing for the removal of unwanted emotions and thoughts. It attracts non-caustic attitudes during mental exercises producing grounding reasoning, aiding in spiritual growth. Sulfur Quartz has been used in ceremonial healings, prayer, and gridding, bringing together the four directions, releasing darkness and corruption from the Earth. They are used in the treatment of infections, painful joints, and swelling and used as a great healing and metaphysical crystal for Reiki Practitioners.  Include this in your Healers toolbox. An essential piece for your Mesa.


Country of Origin: Brazil

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