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Golden Selenite

Golden Selenite from Queensland, Australia...imported by "Bad Johnny".

Golden Selenite calls in the Goddess Ray of Buddha. You can experience joy and unconditional acceptance. Anything near or around selenite is bathed in pure white light. It raises the frequency of anything near it. Contains the teachings of the ancient priestesses.

Extinct and extremely rare.  

Selenite Wands / Sticks

Selenite Sticks & Wands are form of crystallized gypsum. It provides clarity of mind while expanding one's consciousness of self and of one's surroundings. Selenite can provide flexibility to one’s nature and strength in decision making. It has been used to align the spinal column and remove blockages. A theory has been stated that in early days, when the Divine Feminine was honored, the energy of the Divine Feminine was joined with water creating crystallization (selenite) relating as when selenite is placed in water it dissolves…water represents spirit and the Divine Feminine. Great piece for wand making.

Country of Origin: Morocco

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