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approx...5 cm x 2.5 cm x 2 cm / 2 in x 1in x .75 in


Eudialyte crystals are a rare and beautiful gemstone, but this use is limited by its rarity.   As a result of the eudialyte  crystals rarity it is of primary interest as a collector's mineral.  



Eudialyte has been used to open and to activate the heart chakra and has been known as the stone of the heartland…representing the perfections of the unconditional love of “all that is” and facilitating the manifestation of this energy on the Earth plane. The energy of the stone flows from the crown to the base chakra, opening the chakras and providing for a pathway for the movement of the Kundalini. It is quite effective at the heart chakra stimulating a resonant love which can be felt by others and which is totally “in-tune” with the vibratory energies of the perfect state of the universe. LADIES!!! This crystal is very effective on menstrual cramps and for hot flashes.

Country of Origin: Brazil

Eudialyte #523 | 2inx1inx.75in

$60.00 Regular Price
$40.00Sale Price
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